9'9" Ursula #0255
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9'9" Ursula #0255


9'9" x 23 1/8" x 3 1/18" - Fins available for purchase. 

Thomas's description of the Ursula:

“Designed with Jai Lee after many years of RND - this is a model that works. It’s a fully-fledged nose-rider that also turns well off the tail. 50/ 50 rails through the nose flow back through the board past the wide point where it blends into a tucked edge for the last 12 inches of rail. The step deck in the tail reduces the volume in the rail and allows for extra release when turning. It also adds flex, which helps the board maintain speed - meaning increased time on the nose. The rocker is smooth and consistent throughout with an ever so slight touch of flip through the last 12 inches at the tail. Medium depth single concave in the nose flows out at the mid point to flat to a subtle V out through the tail.”