5'10" Twinzer #6230
5'10" Twinzer #6230
5'10" Twinzer #6230
5'10" Twinzer #6230

5'10" Twinzer #6230


Wave type


Board feel

Shoulder to 2ft over head (add length for bigger surf)

5'10" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2"

fast, responsive, lively. Like a twin fin with extra sauce

Skill level



Intermediate to advanced.

Wet Rub

1/8" Ply

Drawing inspiration from some of San Diego’s finest, the Twinzer sits in a real happy place between a thruster and a twin fin. It has plenty of hold and drive but it maintains the freedom that comes from a twin, while the twinzer fins increase control and stability. This particular iteration has forward volume for plenty of paddle power but not too much to make it cumbersome. The channelled-out tail gives it that touch more hold through wrapping turns. The Twinzer is the board that has everyone talking around the factory - with great feedback and order forms coming from each team member who has a go. Definitely a high performance and aesthetically pleasing board.

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