5'3" Fish #0774
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5'3" Fish #0774


5'3" x 20 11/16" x 2 11/16"

Thomas's description of the Fish:

“This is our variation of a tried and tested fish design. We’ve been lucky to have some of the finest shapers of the fish design - old and young - like Rich Pavel and Ryan Burch come and shape in the factory over the last couple of years and leave behind ideas and insight that has helped in the creation of this performance twin keel. It has a beaked nose, down rails and single concave. Speed is built in. A subtle rail and rocker break around the back of the fins allows for tighter changes in direction than is common with a lot of traditional keel fins. Built with a slightly narrower tail than the traditional fish allows for increased ease back hand. Our Fish changes perceptions on keel fish performance.”