7'5" Kabune #0755
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7'5" Kabune #0755


7'5" x 21 3/4" x 2 3/4" - 2+1 fin setup - FCS 1 & box. Fins available for purchase.

Thomas's description of the Kabune Mid:

"An all round performance egg of sorts. For me, as a bigger guy, it’s kinda my go to shortboard.  Suitable from waist high to well over head. Slight single concave through the middle into a vee double under the back foot.  The slightly wider rounded square tail means it carries speed through turns and over sections, and it also allows you to push as hard as you can.  A slightly boxy rail and a longish tucked edge helps add continued drive and down the line speed. The forward positioned fin cluster under the back foot is super responsive and drivy."