9'2" All Rounder #6144
9'2" All Rounder #6144
9'2" All Rounder #6144
9'2" All Rounder #6144

9'2" All Rounder #6144


Wave type


Board feel

Waist to double over head

9'2" x 22 5/8" x 2 5/8"

Fast, responsive and user friendly

Skill level



Beginner to advanced

Wet Rub

1/4" Cedar

As the name suggests, this is a board that covers all the bases. The 2+1 longboard can be used as a speed shape for bigger surf, as something that can handle junky conditions, or just as a practical longboard for those not wanting the full single fin feel. The 2+1 gives the board more projection off the bottom and versatility off the top and through turns.

Shipping for Australia on our boards is :

Pick up your board for FREE at the Noosa factory
For boards OVER 7ft- $290 flat rate
For board UNDER 7ft- $210 flat rate

Shipping for International Board orders will require a custom quote. We will be in contact with you shortly after purchase.

If you have any questions, hit up Doc at doc@thomassurfboards.com

Sold out

Recommended Fin

Bowl Cut Fin Clear

30% off all fins with board purchase


All Rounder

Rounded pin, tucked hard edge

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