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9'4" All Rounder #0474
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9'4" All Rounder #0474


9'4" x 23" x 3" - 2+1 fin setup - FCS 1 & box - Fins available for purchase. 

Thomas's description of the All Rounder:

"As the name suggests, this is a great go-to for those who want a bit of everything in their longboard. It will turn on a rail - it will nose ride - and it will trim in between.  There’s concave under the nose, a flat bottom through the middle and V out the back. This is a super user-friendly, easy-to-ride board that will cover just about anything you'd like to throw at it. The All Rounder is great option for those transitioning into longer boards, or those wanting something to use as an alternative to their short boards. It’s also a great offering for those who aren’t as quick and agile as they were in their hay-day."