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9'7" Town Bike #0392
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9'7" Town Bike #0392


9'7" x 23" x 3" - Fins available for purchase.

Thomas's description of the Town Bike:

“Based on an old personal board of mine that has done the rounds with everyone raving about, it made sense to make the Town Bike a model.  Zye Norris has taken out the Noosa Fest with one and Deni (Black Boy) Firdaus the Deus 9ft & Single. Sierra Lerback has been on one for over 12 months and is still singing its praises. The Town Bike is a real winner.  It has a subtle roll, a nice blended nose concave, a touch of flip in the tail, a slightly fuller rail and is a touch flatter on the bottom, making it an extremely versatile longboard. It’ll work in any type of wave up to head high and a half, or even a bit bigger if you’re up for the challenge.”