Aug 05

Karina Rozunko’s got a new Thomas model and word is, it’s a thing of beauty; an object to rival Cinderella’s glass slipper... it may or may not help to imagine Thomas Bexon as Karina’s fairy godmother – “bibbidi-bobbidy-boo and here’s a board for you!” Haha...sorry :/ Anyway, Karina’s new model is the talk of the factory, so we’re here on the internetz to share it, becauzzz, we presume that you, like us, will take whatever you can get to acquire even a smidgen of the young lady’s elegance and style. Thus, we present to you the High Heel – a longboard model with the perfect blend of timeless beauty, new-school functionality and of course, bearded fairy godmother.

It’s no secret that with every lap of the sun Karina spends a good chunk of time surfing Noosa, where the long clean pointbreaks, along with Thomas’s shapes, have allowed her to understand what works for her and what doesn’t – “even miracles take a little time” :/ ha? Now, with years of experience working together, the two have come up with something Karina calls her own: the High Heel. Design wise, the model has a generous and consistent rocker that flows through the middle and accentuates in nose and tail. The flow through helps for trim speed, but it’s the accentuation that means the board won’t outrun sections on the nose. Generous lift allows for tip time like you see in the accompanying images – you know, dry toes n’ all that – and the foil is typical in an Australian sense. A slightly narrower tail curve makes for responsive and tight turning, while 50/50 rails and a refined nose concave add a sophisticated dose of Karina and California. For Karina, it’s an all-rounder made for points and beach breaks alike. Cruizzze through the shop and fondle one, maybe even get the bearded fairy godmother to make you one that's the perfect fit? Maybe you’ll find one lost on the steps of Little Cove? AYE? Whatever the case, remember that even though it’s partly made of glass, it’ll never be a slipper, it’s a f***ing High Heel.

Photos & Video by Liv Williams @rare____visuals