Raw Doggin' Volume 2.

May 11

Welcome to Raw Doggin’ – the footage that doesn't cut the mustard. This new Thomas Surfboards series pulls away from production, focusing instead on a raw presentation of a single session. With Raw Doggin’, you’re privy to all the fails, falls and fun.

Vol. 2 was shot at Castaways Beach and features Harrysan Roach and Jimbo Slice, aka Stinkin Jim, aka Jim the Barber, aka Jimson, and has a cameo or two from local knee-boarder, Lachie Lansdown.

Harrison’s riding a new 9’6” prototype that we’re dubbing the ‘Malibu’, and Jimbo is riding a 6’7” ‘Mini Mal’ and Mason Schremmer’s 9’6” Town Bike. Lachie is on an old weird knee-board of some sort. Keep your eyes peeled for the shark.

Fun fact, Castaways was the location of the 1999 Breaka Pro (Noosa Fest) in which Joel Tudor beat Tom Carrol in the final the take the W.