While there’s a lot to be said about blazing your own path, surfing solo, and whatever other bullshniz that relates to your own individualistic pursuits, you can’t beat community. You just can’t. Example A: The Long Surfboard Club. The Long Surfboard Club is a loosely organised social event masquerading as a surf competition. It’s an excuse for those of us with a common view of surfing and its culture to come together on a semi consistent basis, and it’s strictly social. Our focus is less about competing against each other than it is about competing against our own egos, just look at our judging scale. Whether it’s a deep burn from a bro, or some unsolicited sassiness from a sis - the Long Surfboard Club encourages you to cop it on the chin. With the good comes the bad - with the bad comes the good. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a “Half Cooked Chook”, you “Shanked it”, you’re “Striving for Mediocrity and Achieving it”, a “Fancy Boi”, or someone “Hus Would be Proud” of, at the end of the day, you’re a part of the Long Surfboard Club community. And if we’re all losers, are we not, in fact, all winners? The Long Surfboard Club, where irreverence reigns supreme.

Dec 13