9'7" Cuddles #5256
9'7" Cuddles #5256
9'7" Cuddles #5256
9'7" Cuddles #5256

9'7" Cuddles #5256


Wave type


Board feel

thigh to just over head

9'7" x 23 1/16" x 3 1 16"

fast and responsive

Skill level



intermediate to advanced

Wet Rub

1/4" Cedar

Cuddles approved! This has been cuddles's go to for years now. Medium rocker with the slightest flip in the tail, super slight blended nose concave under a narrowish nose keeping it fast on the nose and suited for more lined up conditions. Foiled out rails that thin out through a wider square tail makes it fast and responsive off the tail. Inspired by old mals with tweaks of today, the 50/50 rails and minimal concave means it's hang time on the nose at speed on lined up point waves is off the charts and will whip a tight turn when on the tail. With a decent amount of roll throughout, it's responsive from all parts of the board.

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square tail, narrower nose, minimal nose concave

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