5'7" Flat Deck Fish #7621
5'7" Flat Deck Fish #7621
5'7" Flat Deck Fish #7621
5'7" Flat Deck Fish #7621

5'7" Flat Deck Fish #7621


Wave type


Board feel

Chest high to well over head

5'7" x 19 15/16" x 2 3/8"

Half classic - half modern

Skill level



Intermediate to expert

Wet Rub

1/8" Ply

The Flat Deck Fish is as it’s name suggests, a Fish with a flat deck. The flat deck allows for more volume under the chest, which means more paddle power on boards of shorter length. This design has been road tested in everything from big point breaks to grovely shoreys - it’s more versatile in the junk than the classic Keel fish, and more adept in the big stuff than the Mod Fish. With respect to our other designs, it sits between the Keel fish and the Mod Fish. It’s wider than the mod fish, with more of a classic nose template, which we love aesthetically, however, it has a touch more curve from the mid point to the tail thanks to the width. Fish designs are all about personal preference, but this design has surprised us, it seems to toe the ideal line between classic and modern.  

V: 31.45L 

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Flat Deck Fish

It’s a beauty.

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