9'6" Bill Pin #7856
9'6" Bill Pin #7856
9'6" Bill Pin #7856
9'6" Bill Pin #7856

9'6" Bill Pin #7856


Wave type


Board feel

thigh to head high

9'6" x 23" x 3"

stable yet responsive, maximum trim

Skill level



beginner to advanced

Wet Rub

1/4" Cedar

Evolved from the keeper model with the idea of being a little more agile and responsive. Coming with a touch more challenge in some moments but then allowing for a tighter turn and improved pocket agility. Narrow but blunt nose with a generous amount of blended concave fading into roll through the middle, going all the way to the back. The area pin tail gives me flashbacks to some of the first longboards I experimented with in the late 90’s. Turns like a treat, allowing for quick changes in direction as well as heaps of easily adjusted trim speed down the line. If I had to pick only one log to have this would be a hard one to beat.

9'6" x 23" x 3"

Shipping for Australia on our boards is :

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For board UNDER 7ft- $210 flat rate

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Recommended Fin

Thomas Fin White

30% off all fins with board purchase


Bill Pin

no to wide not to narrow up front with a hippy pin tail

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