9'9" Step Deck #8059
9'9" Step Deck #8059
9'9" Step Deck #8059
9'9" Step Deck #8059

9'9" Step Deck #8059


Wave type


Board feel

knee to head high

9'9" x 23 1/8" x 3 1/8"

stable and easy

Skill level



beginner to advanced

Wet Rub

1/4" Cedar

The true sidewalk surfer of the collection - if you can’t noseride this thing maybe think about croquet. Just kidding. The Step Deck features a wide Californian style template and as its name suggests, a noticeable step in the deck. The step reduces volume up front along with increasing the amount of flex when standing on the nose, this flex allows the board to bend and manipulate its rocker all while you're perched on the front of it. Combine this with a long blended nose concave and some belly down the back, the Step Deck is designed to have you standing on the nose as long as possible.

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Recommended Fin

Thomas Fin Black

30% off all fins with board purchase


Step Deck

fuller template and subtle step in the deck

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